Alexander Brandt

Electric Emotion (2008, Interactive installation, IR camera, interactive chair, lightbulb)

In a dimmed empty space, the visitor will see an incandescent light bulb hanging from the ceiling and a simple wooden chair standing in front of it. The light bulb emits a very weak glow, but when someone sits down on the chair facing it, it starts to flicker in patterns. Its interaction with the spectator is not just a series of random ON/OFFs, but more of an intricate emotional response. Visitor "A" for example will see the light-bulb begin to nervously flicker,
while "B", will see it bright up to a confident full shine and "C" will witness the light-bulb gently fade on and off... Yet when "A" comes back to sit down a second or third time, this light-bulb will always have just the same individual reaction it had when "A" was facing it for the first time... just as if this simple electronic device had established a personal emotional relationship with each viewer.

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2008, Shanghai MoCA [Night on Earth]