Alexander Brandt

Versus (1999, stereoscopic video, stereo sound)

This installation is exploring the ambivalence in the perception of human interaction. Two fighting sequences - one showing two women violently scratching and boxing each other - the other a close-up of two women wrestling in an almost sensual manner - are merged onto different color channels of one and the same video. This video is projected on the rear wall of a darkened and closed room. Looking through a narrow viewing window, which is covered with complementary color filters for each eye,
the audience will on their right and left eye’s retinas simultaneously visualize the two different videos. As it is very strenuous to concentrate on both, our brain will naturally make a subjective choice of priority. The same happens when selectively listening to the two different accompanying sound layers. Naturally shifting between audiovisual sensations, the attentive viewer - rather than just seeing “girl versus girl” - will experience the competing sensations of “aggression versus sensuality”.
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