Alexander Brandt

Invention, Tim, age 6 (2008, Installation, 4m*3m*3m, various materials)

I, an adult, have lost my innocence. I can no longer create anything genuinely non-conceptual.
Therefore, I let a child be the designer. This invention is entirely the creation of a six-year-old boy named TIM.
I asked him; "Can you draw me an invention?", and promised him, to build what he drew.
In order not to influence the child's imagination with my adult thoughts, the 6-year-old was in charge of every aspect during the entire building process and everyone followed him blindly. Manufacturing methods, colors, material, installation, and so on. It is his idea and he makes the decisions.
Here is a CONCRETE object, in keeping with the original fantasy of 6-year-old TIM. The simplicity of a child's vision, the possibilities of creation, the pleasure of the act. An invention made for imagination.
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