Alexander Brandt

Nightscape (1998, video)

Six erotic narratives in subtitles set in slow landscape travelings.

....................... Poem 1 ..........................
I open my legs like a butterfly opens its wings.
In the hotel room
the white bed sheets glitter in the darkness.
Our bodies dark against the sheets.
The bodies being lit by the sheets.
Shadows of the city
Slopes of hills in the moonlight.
You see, here the winds come.
The leaves chat and chat forever.
We are two fishes hidden underneath
Talking endlessly.

I like your tongue exploring my mouth.
That exquisite taste which nips
Is the red wine still on the tongue.
You will take a sip
And feed me with your mouth.

Warm, thick and sultry
I swallow bit by bit
All the drinks you serve me.
The nippy red wine.
The bitter taste of your sperm.
And a smell which almost has no smell.
It is my own wetness
Which you feed me with your finger.

....................... Poem 2 ..........................
Your tongue blocks my ear.
The world sounds so far away and unrealistic.
(We are in a little submarine,
They are out there far away.)

I like you treating me like a child of yours.
You make me sit,
Take my hand,
Cut my finger nails.
You wait until I finish showering,
Dry my body with one towel,
Wrap me with another one.

Lie on top of me please.
Let me feel your weight.
Weight me down, weight me down,
I am being pressed in between your body and the bed.
I am being squeezed in between the endless and the earth.
Sinking deep into the land of supreme warmth and darkness.
Weight me down, and down, and down
Or fuck me hard enough to slash me.

....................... Poem 3 ..........................
"Let me shave you," you say.
I sit in the bathtub
Open my legs.
I look at you
You look into me.
The shaving cream thick, tense, and intoxicating.
I die the second your fingers stroke me.
I see from high above in the clouds
My hair falls in the first snow of early spring
the most spectacular waves one has ever seen
wash it away
You sit in a chair
One leg upon the other,
and watch me
you are making me a statue.
Then you reach out your hand
"Come here,"
And you kiss me.

They are all very natural
The things we do.
You pull my hips high towards you
And enter me from behind.
You arrange my limbs to form various gestures.
I am your aspen
Stretch its branches into every directions.
Your breath strokes me

...................... Poem 4 ..........................
Everything glows in the evening sun
Cool summer breezes let loose
The bustle beneath seems so distant
Who will you be today

Out of the city chaos
Effortlessly you appear
You are so fair

Round and round this square
May I walk with you?
Do you want to go dancing some day?

Before I take your hand
Please, give ma a reason

I throw questions after questions
Search your will and courage
Until I am convinced that you have no answer

Why are you doing this to me
I wanted to dream a little longer

"Normally I am not like this, excuse me"
I sit and gaze at the bathroom tiles
Can not form a thought
I rumple all my bills into small balls
Will you still be there?

You are sitting gracefully
Let me hurt you
No! Let me embrace you
Why won't you tell me your moment of greatest fear?
Your smiles so lovely

The big turtle struggles in the restaurant's aquarium

I leave
I hope you miss me
Do you look back at me?
Can we meet again?

....................... Poem 5 ..........................
I am dying to see you, my dear friend
I miss those moments
When we just look at each other and smile
You don't talk much
I will find something to talk about
I have got enough men problems
I like when I knock at your door
And you answer it
"How is she?"
The one you lived with for six years
Her hair hangs like a black silk fall
"She is married"
You don't sound even the slightliest disturbed
"A nice man"

"So you are going back tonight"
I try to find out the last flight
The seats are so tidy
The fluorescent light so insensitive

You tell me you were fifteen and she sixteen
And you ask me how to handle this man
Who sends all these love letters
You ask about my latest affair
"What will you do about this man then?"

You have to leave
I want to hold you
I really think about kissing you
We shake hands
And the gate swallows you
You turn around for the last time
I know I could have done it all with you
I would with a man

Do you see my tears

....................... Poem 6 ..........................
What do you want of me?
Don't be scared, I will not hurt you

It is the first time I come to your place
We are to go out
At least that is what you say

But we are not going out
You don't feel like it

Lying on the floor
Have me sit beside you
That is what you feel like
Showing me your collections of music
And your knowlege about many things

I am quiet
It is entertaining to watch you
"Or I am going to kiss you"

You lead me to your bed
"Don't go away"
"I promise I won't touch you"

You penetrate me
Moaning like a wounded solider
Why do you stop?
Why you say you are sorry?
"That shouldn't have happened"
Of course not

You hold me in your arms
You kiss my hair
You fall asleep before I do

The jalousie draws stripes on the wall
I always wondered
Had it been full moon that night?

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1998,Arte Viva'98, Italy