Alexander Brandt

I never lie to myself (2004, 8 channel video installation and environment)

A spiral structure, reaching from floor to ceiling, invites the spectator to enter and walk in circles until reaching the center. While walking the air-temperature will grow from a chilling 16ºC to unbearable 40ºC. Two air-conditioners, one for cold and one for hot, hidden at the entrance and the center of the spiral, produce this unnatural climate. Small TV-screens are distributed, hanging along the spiral's wall. Each of the 8 screens is repeatedly showing a short phrase.
A succession of words, rapidly appearing and disappearing - just so that an attentive viewer can grasp the meaning. You've read it, but you're never sure you really have. These phrases are lies. The kind of lies, that we tell ourselves. Starting from outside their meaning gets more and more indiscreet and unbearable as we close in on the center, where the temperature as-well has become unbearable.

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2004, Shanghai Duolun Exhibition of Young Artists