Alexander Brandt

Revolution (2001, Event)

In Holland, Amsterdam, a revolution took place. The news were everywhere: radio broadcasts, posters and newspaper articles - Fear was in the air! A hero had made the ultimate sacrifice for the revolution and a mysterious group of people held a memorial service for him. At the site, a makeshift memorial was erected with flowers and white candles, as well as photographs and newspaper articles witnessing the events. Two young men in the uniform of the revolution stood guard in honor of the the fallen hero.

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... The term seems to be borrowed from the last century - the movements remind us of the great utopias ... and yet it is today and it is in Amsterdam! ... This is Anne-Magrette live from the Boomdwarsstraat in the Jordaan - where last night occured the third in a series of violent confrontations between factions of revolutionary activists; the most violent to date.

Police investigations are still in the dark, we only know that they are organized. According to eyewitness accounts, two formations of dozens of men and
women in uniform engaged in a brutal battle, which broke out here in the Boomdwarsstraat ... No broken store windows and no trace left as the police are arrived ... except this time we found a wounded victim who died shortly before the arrival of ambulances.

Through unconfirmed channels of an association of partisan artists it has been understood that for the victim it is one of the leaders of the "Revolutionary Committee". He was shot by members of the "Progress Party". Previously only one organization, the "Progress Party" - a faction of moderates - separated from the "Revolutionary Committee" and is today its most ferocious enemy ... By the same sources we have learned about the anouncement by the Revolutionary Committee to continue the Revolution and to meet to commemorate the fallen hero, tonight in the Boomdwarsstraat at Jordaan. The population of Amsterdam is held in suspense. This is the first opportunity to attend an open demonstration of the Revolution. The first opportunity to know the fate of Amsterdam ... tonight, I'll be there ...

Anne Magrette - LIVE from Jordaan, Boomdwarsstraat

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