Alexander Brandt

The next second (2006, 13 channel, interactive video installation)

A tiny random action, a second of unmindfulness, an unconscious shade in our facial expression. The smallest detail matters. Though we didn’t mean to, we realize that within in a fraction of time our life has taken an unwanted, irreversible course. Obviously it could all have gone different, if in that moment we had done something else. The next second... and everything could be different.
In a space with a single entrance, an array of 13 screens each show a five second loop of a couple in a silent but very tense situation. Something is about to happen. Yet before the decising moment the video halts and starts over. Only when the onlooker walks up to one of the screens, his/her presence will trigger the video to play the ending of the scene - or more precisly one of the possible endings - randomly chosen by a computer.

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2007, Derailed, Anhui Contemporary Art Exhibition