Alexander Brandt

China Academy of Art (2005, Interactive Installation Workshop)

[Course description] This workshop was the third course during my six years teaching at the prestigious China Academy of Art, focusing on teaching a comprehensive artistic and technical understanding of interactive installations.

[Student Activities] Starting from the subject of each student's passion, they developed individual interactive art projects. Through a series of collective discussion sessions, they explored the challenges and opportunities of the intrinsic properties of interaction, they learned how to talk about their own
work and evaluate other projects by providing constructive criticism. The most popular projects were chosen and developed in teamwork. The students learned how to write code, use sensors, build props, record and edit audio and video and use the exhibition space in their final installation.

[Course Results] The students concluded the workshop by organizing and exhibition, entitled "Auto"-matic, featuring artworks like a "head-labyrinth" and a canvas that created music according to the drawing gestures of the audience.