Alexander Brandt

New Art, First and Second Edition (2006 and 2016, Shanghai Culture Publishing House)

Confronted by the surprising absence of any comprehensive literature about contemporary art on the Chinese market at the turn of the millennium, I decided to produce my own teaching material for art universities, which was published in two editions by the renowned Shanghai Culture Publishing House. In the age of globalization and the disappearance of any kind of linearity of Art History, I stood clear of the conventional organization principles based on big artistic movements but chose to concentrate on the process by which artist convey their ideas.
I identified and organized this book according to twelve distinct processes of artistic creation, including Images, Pictures, Narratives, Objects, Sculptural Installation, Site-Specific Art, Media Installation, Performance, Happening, Interactive Installation, Language and Network. Well aware of the imperfection of any attempt to categorize art, this exercise nevertheless helps students to create a language to discuss art and understand the oppor- tunities and pitfalls within the limitlessness of their own contemporary art creation.