Alexander Brandt

Shanghai Theatre Academy (2017, Virtual Graphics)

[Course description] This course engaged a class of graphic design students to explore how two-dimensional design can extend into immersive space.

[Student Activities] Students first learned the basic workflow of building VR experiences, before creating their personal project, based on the subject of their spontaneous response to the question "what they liked best doing". Rather than creating conventional hyperrealistic scenes, typical for VR, they were encouraged to continue with their modus operandi as graphic designers. Every student created a storyboard detailing their interactive virtual experience.
Through a series of collective discussion sessions, they explored the challenges and opportunities of the intrinsic properties of VR, they learned how to talk about their own work and evaluate other projects by providing constructive criticism. The most popular projects were chosen and developed in teamwork. The students learned how to design virtual spaces, create simple interactive gameplay, and how to work with the help of VR specialists to create fully immersive experiences.

[Course Results] At the end of this course, the students organized an exhibition that displayed their storyboards and allowed visitors to experience their immersive graphic worlds with the help of several VR headsets.